Who We Are

The Homewood Athletic Foundation operates independently of the Homewood City Schools system. However, our mission to provide resources that improve the ability of our student athletes to compete at the highest level, as well as enhance their athletic experience, is only possible through a deep rooted partnership with the Board of Education and Athletic Department of Homewood City Schools.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

Jeremy Bernstein


Chris Warren

President Elect

Joseph Martin

Vice President + Treasurer

Tiffany McIntyre

Immediate Past President
Board Members

Ben Moncrief
Britt Thames
David Knight
Chris McLean
Erin Yost
Jared Bussey
Jason Creel
Josh Parris
Kathy Pope
Katie Beth Owens
Keith Jackson
Matt Serotsky
Nancy Ferren
Rusty Hughes
Scott Myers
Scott Nix
Stephen Perlis
Sue Ellen Binkley
Tina Gray
Tyler Watts

Past Presidents

Jay Moss - 2014-2015
Michael Rohdy - 2015-2017
Alex Wyatt - 2017-2018
John Wallace - 2018-2019
Jeremy Bernstein - 2019-2020
Tiffany McIntyre - 2021-2022

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